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24th January 2013
Rhianna Pratchett's TEDx Talk

The TED talks have always been a personal interest of mine, and recently a specific one caught my eye. A few months ago, Rhianna Pratchett (a video games writer currently working on the upcoming Tomb Raider instalment) did a talk about writers in the gaming industry.

Some of the scenarios are very different from Remedy's situation, especially as she gives examples where writers are brought in last minute to build the story, but it is intriguing! At Remedy the story, although it has to be flexible, is also like a structural pillar in the game...It's a flexible structural pillar. She also talks about narrative limitations in games whether that be because of the budget or technology; I've always found that idea fascinating.

If you want to find out more information regarding to the story design for Alan Wake and Remedy's previous titles, "The Story of Remedy", "Making of a Thriller" and "The Making of Alan Wake" documentaries are a great resource.


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