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4th December 2012
Alan Wake 75% Off Steam Sale

Imagine you have a friend who you like, but who is incredibly difficult to buy gifts for.  I think everyone has that one person who, even though you get along with them, makes Christmas shopping that tad bit more difficult....Well, Steam might be able to help you out a little here...

Steam is now offering 75% off the entire Alan Wake franchise which includes the original title (plus the two DLCs), American Nightmare and the extras pack. You can also buy each item separately.

The promotion celebrates Steam's Big Picture launch. Big Picture allows gamers to play their favourite games on a bigger screen and using a games controller.

CLICK HERE to find more information regarding Big Picture and for the Alan Wake Games

Offer ends: 10th December

The revised prices are as followed:
£5.74 - Alan Wake
£1.74 - Collector's Edition Extras
£2.99 - Alan Wake's American Nightmare
£7.74 (£2.74 off) - Complete Bundle


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