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21st December 2012
Germany Tour Video

Poets of the Fall recently posted a video documenting their time in Germany as part of their Temple of Thought Tour! Video recorded by Tiia Öhman, Satu Walden, Oliver Wand & Captain and edited by Captain.

Accompying the video is a nice seasonal message: 

We'd like to wish you the best of all holidays, and thank you for all the fun and excitement in 2012 - you made the Temple of Thought Tour a bigger success we ever dreamed. Next year will be Poets of the Fall's 10th anniversary, and we hope we'll see you and your friends on our Anniversary Tour in 2013.

Here's a video looking back at some of the memorable moments on the road in 2012. Just for you. Enjoy!

I also travelled to see their headliner gig in Berlin - and wrote about it - click HERE to read the article.


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