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1st December 2012
The Sudden Stop Advent Calendar 2012

How is it December already?!

Every year I try to get sorted for Christmas and while, at the beginning of this venture, I'm really optimistic about it, around the 24th I discover that I'm not actually as prepared as I thought I was. The main problem is getting into that Christmassy mood without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to organise and the amount of work needing to get done before the holidays.

So to slow things down and to make getting through those last few weeks before the holiday a little more pleasant, I thought you may enjoy a small Alan Wake related gift every few days until Christmas. These gifts range from articles to competitions, interviews, and crafts!

Check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before Christmas for something special! Or follow the site on Twitter or Facebook to get notifications about updates as they're posted.

See you on Monday!


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