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27th October 2012
Halloween Cosplay Competition and Sweepstakes

When I was younger, I put together several costumes which I used to wear just on one Halloween. Being young at the time I didn't understand the whole concept of treat or treating and was baffled in regards to why my family bought sweets to give out to strangers. So I would change my costume quickly in the evening and knock on my own door several times assuming the disguise of another person. I did get quite a few sweets, so either my guises were fantastic or my parents took pity on me for having a messed up daughter.

Apart from that one year, I don't really celebrate Halloween, but this recently competition is making a very persuasive case about putting together a costume! Remedy is currently running a new competition this Halloween via their Facebook page, where you can win an awesome pack of Alan Wake related merchandise including the game signed by Sam Lake. To enter the competition, you will need to submit a photograph of yourself in an Alan Wake inspired costume, and fill in your details on Remedy's Facebook App. (More details below)

If you don't feel creative or you don't have time to put together a costume than you can always take part in the sweepstakes where you can win a t-shirt pack.


7th November 2012


(Cosplay Competition)
  • Alan Wake game signed by Sam Lake
  • Fan Designed Stickers
  • Bright Falls Cap
  • Alan Wake T-shirts
  • Remedy Breathmints
  • Alan Wake T-shirts

How to Enter:
  1. Go to the Alan Wake Facebook Page
  2. Click the tab entitled "Halloween in Bright Falls" or CLICK THIS LINK
  3. Enter details (name and upload photo)


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