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17th August 2012
Remedy at GamesCom/GDC Roundup

Both GamesCom and GDC Europe have been taking place in Cologne, this past week, and as a result there have been a couple of things that has emerged from the event that you might be interested in. While there wasn't a big Alan Wake presence at the event, there are a few Remedy-related pieces.

Valve Booth
Remedy had a small presence at the Valve booth this year. With the recent release of Death Rally on Steam, a section of the Valve booth was dedicated to the game. Mainly targeted at getting gamers who haven't yet played the game to race. It was debated at the forums whether Remedy's booth at the event would be focusing on entertainment or recruitment. Also if it was entertainment, would it be in regards to Alan Wake's American Nightmare (released 22nd February) or Death Rally (released 3rd August). Thanks to LSKzane from the forums for finding out :)

This year, Matias Myllyrinne (CEO at Remedy), joined Dan Sherman (CFC Capital), Careen Yapp (Konami), Zack Karlsson (Capcom) and Noah Musler (Microsoft Studios) in a panel entitled "Ask the Publishers - Adapting and Succeeding in a Changing Games Industry". Click here for information on the session. It says on the website that a video was recorded of the panel, but I haven't been able to track it down yet in the GDC Vault. I'll post a link here once it's online, but I do have a slight suspicion that it would be for members-only.

Joystiq Podcast
As well as the panel, Matias also appeared on the Super Joystiq Podcast GamesCom Special: Day 1. He talks about the release of Death Rally, and touched on the Max Payne and Alan Wake series. Click here for the podcast. He joins the podcast from the start until the 24 minute mark.

GDC Vault
When a panel takes place at GDC, there's usually a recording placed online in the GDC vault. The vault also acts as an archive which is extremely handy especially if missed a panel that you wanted to see. Bad news is that not every panel is available for free; only for members..And this is the case for some of the ones I'm going to mention. I've looked into it and you can purchase audio copies online, link in below the lisk.  If you're new to the Alan Wake series or became a fan after the original game's release, there's a couple of panels that have taken place during the development process that may be of interest.

2010/11 - Alan Wake: Light and Dark - Saku Lehtinen
2011 - The Writer Who Made Us Rewrite Our Engine - Markus Maki and Olli Tervo
(Audio) 2009 - From Max Payne to Alan Wake: Creating Intellectual Property - Matias Myllrinne
2007 - The Future of Innovative Studios: Team and Tools Behind Alan Wake - Lasse Seppanen

They are available for purchase via the GDC Vault store - Click Here


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