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18th July 2012
Poets of the Fall's War in New Alan Wake Steam Update

Fans who have purchased Alan Wake via Steam can now get an MP3 copy and the music video of Poets of the Fall's War*. The track will be available in the directory: Steam\steamapps\common\alan wake\bonus

The Steam version also comes with both Old Gods of Asgard tracks; The Poet and the Muse and Children of the Elder God. The soundtrack compiling of music from POTF and the game's composer, Petri Alanko, can be found at; Steam\steamapps\common\Alan Wake\Soundtrack

Currently Steam is having a Summer sale with numerous games at a discounted price until 23rd July. The Alan Wake prices are as followed:

  • £11.49 - Alan Wake
  • £13.45 - Collector's Edition
  • £15.49 - Alan Wake Franchise (Original Game + American Nightmare)
Official Music Video for War:

*The song features in the original Alan Wake title in Episode five.


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