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14th June 2012
Alan Wake v1.06 Release Notes (Patch #5)

The fifth patch for Alan Wake on PC was released yesterday. The patch covers the following:

Alan Wake v1.06 release notes:
  • Added a “Very Low” graphics setting to enable the game to run on lower performance GPUs. This disables MSAA and grass (that’s dependent on it) and disables fading between LOD levels.
  • Added grass draw distance slider - note that the HIGH setting now uses more computer performance.
  • Fixed Alt+Tab crash on some systems.
  • Fixed a very rare startup crash.
  • Fixes some cases where the game started to main menu but users could not select any menu entries. This was caused by the keybinds.xml being corrupted.
  • Fixed some cases of handling custom My Documents paths where game could crash if that was mapped to the root of a drive.
  • Fixed the minor DLC1 “black cubes in the mirror” graphical glitch.


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