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24th March 2012
Night Springs TV Series Online at Joystiq (Updated)

Joystiq has posted all episodes of Night Springs on their website.

Night Springs was the fictional in game TV series which help add to the creepy atmosphere of the episodes. It was inspired by The Twilight Zone and featured strange and scary happenings with tragic heroes. There were six episodes dotted around Alan Wake:

  1. Man in the Mirror
  2. Family Occasion
  3. Dream of Dreams
  4. Taken In His Prime
  5. Quantum Suicide
  6. Absence of Creavity
Next Week, their website will be featuring never before seen videos.

Click on an episode above to be taken to the video at Joystiq,

26/03/12 - New unseen episode: Eternal Endurance

28/03/12 - New unseen episode: What's in a Name

30/03/12 - New unseen episode: Doomed Samaritan


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