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21st March 2012
Poets of the Fall's Temple of Thought - Out Now

Today, Poets of the Fall's brand new album entitled Temple of Thought has been released.

Temple of Thought is available to purchase digitally via the band's Digistore where you can buy it as an MP3 file or in lossless FLAC. If you prefer a tangible copy, you can buy the CD version through their main shop along with many awesome goodies.

The CD contains 11 brand new tracks including The Happy Song which you may be familiar with from Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Cradled in Love which appeared in their recent music video.

Temple of Thought Album Cover

The band has contributed to several Remedy games from their beginnings with their debut song Late Goodbye for Max Payne 2. Since then they have had both commissioned songs, and their own licensed tracks appear in the developer's games.They have contributed to Max Payne 2, Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Death Rally, as well as many games by other developers including Rochard by Recoil Games.

If you haven't done so, check out their website - Click Here. They're a really cool, lovely band, and highly recommended!


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