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Max Payne Information

Released in 2001, Max Payne was Remedy's first AAA tile. Prior to the project, the developers had only released one other game, a top down racer called Death Rally. This game was much bigger and more ambitious for the team. Influenced by Hong Kong action movies, film noir and graphic novels as well as Norse mythology, Max Payne later became an icon in gaming and won even a Bafta for it's Bullet-Time mechanic.

The title focused on the story of a police detective who returned home to find his family murdered by a group addicted to a designer drug called Valkyr. The protagonist's family's death affected him deeply, leading Max in the search for answers and revenge. Things don't run smoothly as he finds himself a fugitive, hunted by both the gangsters he spied on and the police for a murder he didn't commit.

RELEASE DATE: 23rd July 2001
DEVELOPER: Remedy Entertainment


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