There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Bright Falls: Synopsis: Episode One

Jake Fischer travels to Bright Falls to interview Dr Emil Hartman. Through his phone call with Hal, presumably his agent, we learn about Jake's difficult relationship with Libby. Before continuing his drive, Jake drives to the Oh Deer Diner where he meets Rose, an Alan Wake fan who also appears in the game. Rose admits her love for writers, and flirts slightly with Jake as he reads several articles about Emil Hartman's backstory. To treat the reporter, Rose gives him a free meal and cake, pretending it was his birthday. After returning to his car, Jake plots the destination on his sat nav (6500 Piper Rd) and begins to drive down the dark road, trees either side of him. While driving, Libby phones Jake, and momentarily loses concentration on the road. As he looks back to the road, he crashes into a deer. Jake leaves the car to check on the deer, he picks up a flashlight and points it at the creature. It howls in pain at the bright light. Jake turns to the woods, startled by a sudden movement. Jake returns to his car.


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