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American Nightmare's Characters

    Alan returns as the protagonist in Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The character is played by Ilkka Villi in the live action cinematics, he is also the original model for Alan and motion capture actor for several characters in the previous few games. For this game, Alan is armed with more weapons, with additions like the nailgun and the rifle, as he tries to search for Mr Scratch.
    Scratch is a doppelganger of Alan Wake, created in Episode six of the original game. It is unsure if Thomas Zane, Alan or the Dark Presence is the creator. Legends tell of Alan going into the woods and returning as Mr Scratch, a serial killer. Throughout American Nightmare, Scratch is trying to find Alice (Alan's wife) but continually taunts Alan by leaving live broadcasts on several TV screens throughout the level. The live action model is also Ilkka Villi. 
    Barry is Alan's former agent, now focusing on the Old Gods of Asgard's reunion tour. The game first starts with a glimpse of the agent two years after the events of the previous games. As of yet, it is unsure if Barry has given up hope of the writer's return.
    Tor and Odin Anderson are the main members in a band called Old Gods of Asgards (music by Poets of the Fall) who is now on a reuinion tour created by their agent, Barry Wheeler. They only appear in the game during the radio interviews.
    Alice is Wake's wife and muse. After being released from the Dark Place, she has spent the last two years with the belief that Alan is missing but has given up hope of his return. In the game, Alice is being hunted by Mr Scratch. She is mentioned often throughout the game from manuscripts, radio broadcasts and cutscenes. Numberous radio broadcasts in the game focus on a film festival with her movie, "Sunset" which stars Alan before his disappearance. 

    Emma is an engineer working at a local garage and is the first human character Wake encounters in the game. Prior to the game events, she has met Mr Scratch at a party taking place at a nearby Diner where she learns about the brutality of his nature as he attacks several guests. She frequently helps Wake in his travels by acquring the missing items needed by the protagonist.

    Rachel works at the Redtooth Observatory as a scientist. Called away from a party by a co-worker as a strange occurance was happening in the sky. The co-woeker is later killed on screen by Mr Scratch, however Rachel remains unharmed.

    As a film maker, Serena has worked with Alice Wake to put together a film festival in Arizona. She is tainted by the Darkness before Alan meets her; with the Darkness controlling her, she tries to seduce the Writer.


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