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Alan Wake PC Commands


Command: freecamera
Description: Allows the player to control the camera away from the protagonist using an XBOX360 controller. Please note that to use the free camera mode, you will need a controller that is wired; this doesn't include the play and charge controller.

Screen Size:

Command: w
Description: Changes screen width.
Example: -w1280

Command: h
Description: Changes screen height


Command: novsync
Description: Disables v-sync

Command: showfps
Description: Shows frame rate per second counter on screen

Command: noblur
Description: Disables in-game vector blur

Command: window
Description: Disables fullscreen playing for the game.


Command: nosound
Description: Disables sound

Command: cleancloud
Description: Deletes checkpoint saves and settings for the game from Steam Cloud.

Command: forcesurround
Description: Allows 5.1 speaker mode

Command: forcestereo
Description: Allows stereo speaker mode


Command: directaiming
Description: Enables 1:1 mouse control mode.
Alternative: Alter mouse control using menu options.

Command: senscale
Description: Changes mouse sensitivity in game.
Example: -sensscale=0.2
Alternative: Alter mouse control using menu. This control is useful for those who find the mouse too sensitive even with changes made in the menu.


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