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25th August 2011
Old Gods of Asgard Songs Now Available Through POTF's Digistore

Update #1: The band's Digistore has now closed. You can purchase the band's albums as well as "Balance Slays the Demon" via iTunes. At the present moment, both "The Poet and the Muse" as well as "Children of the Elder God" are not available. I will keep you updated if this changes! 

Update #2: It's been about five years sine I wrote this post, but there's a new update! A couple of days ago, Poets of the Fall released a new compilation album on iTunes. The collection features music from both Alan Wake and Rochard (by Recoil Games). All songs from Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are now on iTunes. 

Chances are that if you played Alan Wake the scene that sticks in your head the most is Alan's time at the Anderson Farm. The protagonist fought the Taken on stage with flares and flash-bangs while listening to an awesome rock song playing loudly through the speakers.

The band who created the song in the game was called Old Gods of Asgard, but in real life the talent behind the fictional band is Poets of the Fall who not only created "Children of the Elder God" but "Poet and the Muse" and also "War" which is heard a little later in the following episode. 

Those who played Remedy's earlier game, Max Payne 2, will remember them from their song "Late Goodbye" which was referenced several times by the game's supporting cast and heard fully at the end credits.

Recently they added the two songs that they created specially for Alan Wake via their Digistore. Make sure to check out the song and buy them, and if you haven't already check the band out! 


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