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Signs of Life Album

Release Date: 19th January 2005
Publisher: Insomniac 

Singles: Late Goodbye, Lift
Radio-Only Promos: Stay, Illusion and Dream

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Released in 2005, Signs of Life is the first album by Poets of the Fall.

Despite it being their first project together as a group, it was an incredible success, awarding the guys a platinum certification in Finland as well as numerous awards. Although it can also be said that they found fame two years prior with the release of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne which introduced gamers to the band's presence before the first album

Several members of the band had worked with Remedy in the past and were involved in the original Max Payne title. For instance Marko drew the Captain Baseball Bat Boy image which can be seen throughout numerous sections of the game as well as portraying Vladimir Lem. When the second instalment in the series was being developed, Marko approached Sam Lake (writer at Remedy) with the concept of creating a song for the game. In interviews the lead singer admits that he didn't think anything would come from it...

Remedy loved the idea, and Poets went to work creating three demos based on a poem by Sam. The developer's favourite later became Late Goodbye.

Signs of Life became a big success for the band. Although with fame came pressure, and they released their second album, Carnival of Rust just a year later.

Track List
1. Lift
2. Overboard
3. Late Goodbye
4. Don't Mess With Me
5. 3 AM
6. Stay 
                               7. Seek You Out
                               8. Shallow
                               9. Everything Fades
                             10. Someone Special
                             11. Illusion & Dream
                             12. Sleep


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