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Radio Transcripts #1 - A Famous Deerfest Guest

Pat Maine
The Deerfest guests have already started to arrive. Just ran into one on the ferry... a famous artist, no less. We'll see if we can rope him into an interview later on. Now, let's go to the phones. Caller, you're on KBF-FM.

Rose Marigold
Hi, Pat, it's Rose!

Pat Maine
Why, hello, Rose. What's on your mind?

Rose Marigold
I know who that famous artist was. It was Alan Wake, wasn't it? He's my favorite writer.

Pat Maine
Well, Rose, I--

Rose Marigold
I just saw him at the diner! Oh, I am so excited he's here!

Pat Maine
I'm sure he's glad to be here too. Well, folks, I guess the secret's out. This is Pat Maine on KBF-FM, and now, some music.


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