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QR Code Locations (2012 Version, PC Exclusive)

  • EPISODE ONE - Notice Board
    After meeting the hitchhiker for the first time, you will have to walk down two sets of wooden staircases to escape from him. At the bottom of the two staircases is a notice board which is placed in front as you walk down but slightly to the right. On the board is the first code.

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    Message: (Highlight the following text below to discover what it says)
    The code sends the player to the official Alan Wake Facebook Page 

  • EPISODE TWO - Study
    The second episode starts with a small scene in Alan's apartment a couple of years before the writer travels to Bright Falls. You will find the code in the study.

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    Message: (Highlight the following text below to discover what it says)
    "Huh. Turns out this isn't too bad, even if you're not sitting on a couch when you play it. Who knew!"

  • EPISODE FOUR - Cauldron Lake Lodge
    After meeting with the Anderson brothers, Hartman will excuse himself to prepare for the upcoming storm. When you enter the main foyer area, Desole will tell you to take Hartman's advice and to try to give the writing another shot. Go up the stairs and turn right. Close by there is a TV which comes to life, on the opposite wall is the code.

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    Message (Highlight the following text below to discover what it says)
    A Max Payne meme stored on the Alan Wake website, HERE. It reads "Constipation. That looks Payneful. Since the site rework, the link has been redirected. The old link was at

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