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The Writer Review

  • The Telegraph
    The final DLC for Alan Wake is a compelling look into the desperation of a man teetering on the brink of insanity and it uses the game's crushing atmosphere to greater effect than ever before. It also hints that the game has great potential in both its story and setting, should a sequel materialise. Here's hoping the second season of Alan Wake gets the greenlight soon.
  • Planet XBOX360
    There are some intense moments here, from working your way through a rotating house (while struggling to stay alive) to killing “shadow people” with the help of explosive barrels, which you summon with your flashlight. It’s very cool. You may think you’re paying seven bucks for a small amount of gameplay and a few Achievements, but The Writer provides much more – a nice closure to Remedy’s stirring, shock-filled survival horror tale.
  • Joystiq
    The Writer is a clear improvement on the previous downloadable add-on, The Signal, in almost every way. The level design blends well with the fiction and restores the feeling of surprise that you don't often find in an epilogue. 
  • XXLGaming
    Many of the previous characters that you were introduced to in the past full game and DLC will make an appearance in the DLC. Barry still takes the Oscar as the best supporting character in the game hands down, and also creates and interesting twist on things late in the DLC. 
  • VideoGamer
    Shining your torch on glowing words littered about the dark environments will transform them into tangible objects, like a bridge or a ladder. This mechanic is integrated into combat too, prompting you to use words like 'boom' and 'crumble' to create environmental attacks, capable of destroying large groups of Taken without even having to pull the trigger. One of the several new achievements asks that you survive the approach to the lighthouse without firing a bullet, where the aforementioned mechanic really comes into its own.
  • Rely On Horror
    Alan Wake The Writer manages to take the best elements of Alan Wake and make something like a treat for fans of the game. It’s a fresh experience that doesn’t dwell in Alan Wake’s weaknesses and really presents and at times even outdoes it strengths. While a bit short, this is one of the best single player downloadable content pieces on Xbox Live and reasonably priced for 560 Microsoft Points. Fans of the game owe it to themselves to pick this up.
  • StayedStar
    The Signal and its follow-up, The Writer, offer all of the crazy combat and platforming scenarios the main game couldn’t offer while still maintaining narrative integrity. Essentially, a deranged version of Alan ( shown below ) sparks into life on nearby TVs littered throughout the two DLC chapters.
  • MTV
    The engine behind "Alan Wake" is extremely powerful and able to do some really neat stuff with gravity. It's something we really only saw a bit of in the main game, but in "The Writer," levels are constantly moving and shifting, spinning on axis or twirling in a whirlwind. The game forces you to think non-linearly and examine your surroundings carefully to see the safest path ahead.


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