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DLC #1: The SignalReview

  • IGN
    "I can safely say that in this episode the demented mind of Alan Wake takes full control. He must battle his demons across a shifting dreamscape that resembles the setting of Season One, only far more twisted, and a lot more interesting."
  • The Telegraph
    "The Signal offers players some new variations from what they've come to expect from Alan Wake. First off, the beautiful and atmospheric Pacific North small town environments have been filtered through the fractured lens of Alan's neurotic subconscious. Vast chasms have opened up in streets, different environments spiral into each other without rhyme or reason and characters Alan has met before appear as ghostly phantoms."
  • Eurogamer
    "Alan Wake is best when it's ending. That's a compliment. The game hits an aesthetic high whenever one of its episodes draws to a close, with a stark title screen and a cut of music that's perfect for the moment. I savour those few seconds when the text ("End of Episode Five" or what have you) slinks on-screen in tendrils of smoke, and I love that the song makes everything you just played feel like a grand journey."
  • Gamespot
    "The chilling atmosphere that made Alan Wake such a scary experience has been replicated faithfully in The Signal. Many of the environments you travel through have been borrowed from the original game, but they have been changed in the transition. Because this episode takes place entirely within Alan's mind, the world has undergone some transformations. "


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