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Forum Interview: Antti Veräjänkorva (Techincal Artist)

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1. What is your job at Remedy?

Technical Artist. Scripts and plugins mainly for 3dsmax.

2. What previous projects have you worked on at Remedy and elsewhere?
Have been 2 years at Remedy's by now so Alan Wake is my first project. Before Remedy I made 3d animations for TV commericals.

3. What inspiration have you drawn from when developing Alan Wake eg. books, movies, games?
Fantasy is close to my heart, but do it get inspiration from there? Goblin designed 3dsmax plugins

4. What is your favourite type of game to play?
Point&Click adventure games.

5. If you could be any character from the Death Rally or Max Payne games, who would you be?
Max Payne, of course.

6. If there was one game you could make a sequel for, what would it be?
Gabriel Knight

7. What is your favourite mod for the Max Payne games?
Matrix mod.

8. What do you have on your desk at the moment?
Huge monitor , XBox360, headphones, speakers, misc papers what I really don't need, three forks , cell phone, two pc games.

9. How did you get a job at Remedy?
Resume and demoreel.

10. What wallpaper do you have at the moment?
Image where furitures try to escape sun light what comes from a window.

11. How is the work environment?
I have never been working at better place than Remedy. Remedy is so cool place to work becouse there so many very talented pepoles from many different areas. So where ever you need answers to you can get it from Remedy's everyone mailing list .

12. Were you happy with the Max Payne games?
Everything. I wouldn't change a thing.

13. What games are you looking forward to on the horizon?
Age of Conan and Assasin's Creed


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