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Max Payne iOS Controls

The Max Payne iOS edition has an interesting control system. The buttons show up on screen, with the exception of the camera/movement buttons. These will only show once the player's thumbs come in contact with the screen. You can customise the button size and location to suit your tablet and how you comfortably hold the screen. The alterations can be made in the game's menu system. If you're unfamiliar with the controls, you may want to check out the tutorial level to find your ideal play style.

To move the character or camera, tap anywhere on the screen. The movement is controlled by a onscreen analogue stick design. A circle will appear and you move your thumb in the direction you want Max to go. A second onscreen analogue stick design will appear onscreen to move the camera. Neither circle will appear at first, and it's only when you put your thumbs on the screen that it will show up.

The two major actions needed during combat is the shoot and the bullet time buttons. To fire, press the button with the gun image. To go into Bullet Time, press the button with the bullet. If the Bullet Time sequence is longer than needed, you can tap the button again to end it.

When there is an item that Max can interact with, the button with the exclamation mark will appear onscreen. All you need to do to tap the button when it has turned red, to interact with the item.

There are various indicators onscreen to give insight into Max's health and ammo. In the top left screen, the silhouette of Max shows the player how much health he has. If the character has it will appear completely white, but the health bar will fill up red depending on how much damage he gets. The hourglass next to the heath bar shows how long Max can stay in Bullet Time, this will decrease over time if used constantly. Next to the hourglass is the number of painkillers the protagonist has on his person. In the game, the painkillers act as medipacks or medkits and will heal the character when used, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Press the button marked with a home symbol to go to the menu.


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