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Running From Tornado
Alan Wake Walkthrough / Episode 01

This section of the game isn't as intimidating as initially implied, although it does involve predicting (or memorizing) a specific path. 

As you drop down onto the street, the camera will pan up to reveal the tornado hot on Alan's heels. You should waste no time and head directly in the opposite direction, across the wooden bridge and inside the lighthouse. As you run, the tornado will throw numerous large objects in your direction; while they don't necessarily hit you, they will destroy the bridge

(If you stand still after the tornado emerges, you will have roughly 17 seconds before it kills Alan. So it's not a really harsh time trial; you're allowed to make a few mistakes. The game won't punish you. If you die, the game will reset to the top of the rocks, so not that far at all!)

You can predict where the next item will land and switch course but if you're having trouble, there's a quick and easy guide here to help you become familiar with the layout.

Once you've reach the other side, enter the lighthouse door on the left to trigger a cinematic. If you are planning on collecting the game's numerous coffee thermoses, there should be one directly in front of you, on a seat as you step off the bridge. 

While sprinting may give you extra time to get the coffee thermos, it's not vital; you can play the section (and pick up the collectible) while just jogging.


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