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Death Rally PC FAQ

Posted on the forums by Patric (Director of Technology & Production at Remedy). Original post can be found HERE.


FAQ Last Updated: 2nd August 2012

FAQ Version: 0.2

What is the release date?

Death Rally will be released via Steam on August 3, 2012. The unlock time is around 10am PST.

The participants of Assembly 2012 will get a head start and get the game already on Thursday August 2nd at noon Finnish time.

How much will it cost?

The Steam version will be $9.99.

What is new in this release of Death Rally?

After developing the last version of the game, we thought that you might like a bit more action, so we have tweaked the game slightly. You now access new vehicles, weapons and maps by blowing others to bits. And what better way to destroy your opponents than with some extra firepower up your sleeve. The game will now allow you to equip both mines, bumpers and sights to allow for maximum carnage!

We are also proud to unveil a brand new track for this release! Introducing Savo, a challenging race through the forest.

There have also been rumors of a shadowy character approaching some players with offers of sabotage or assassinations. If you are approached by this character, please exercise caution.

What are the minimum specs for the game?

OS: Windows XP (SP2), Vista or 7
PROCESSOR: A CPU with SSE2 support

AMD: K8 series / Athlon 64
Intel: Pentium 4

VIDEO CARD: DirectX10 Compatible with 256Mb RAM

AMD: HD 2000 series
NVIDIA: GeForce 8000 series
Intel: X3000 and X4000 series

SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c compatible
INPUT: Mouse and keyboard. The game also supports Logitech and Xbox360 controllers

Can I run it on any older cards?

The technical requirement is actually DX9.0c, and it has been tested on both AMD and NVIDIA cards of that generation. But some systems have shown some problems, and only the higher end DX9c cards have the needed performance. We therefore set the official requirement at DX10.

What are the recommended system specs?

OS: Windows XP (SP2), Vista or 7

AMD: K10 series / Athlon X2
Intel: Dual Core

VIDEO CARD: DirectX10 Compatible with 512Mb RAM

Will there be a demo version?

Unfortunately, there won’t be a demo version.

Is there multiplayer?

Yes. The game has a matchmaking feature through Steam. Up to six online racers can participate in the same race. If six are not found in a reasonable amount of time, bots will fill up the race. There is a fame level batch drawn on top of live players. You will advance on your racing career, gain fame and unlock vehicle, weapon and track parts in multiplayer mode, just as in single player mode.

If your system has performance challenges, you may be dropped out of an online race because of this. A notification is then typed on screen and the race continues with just bots as opponents. Lowering the resolution and/or graphics quality level is then recommended before trying another online race.

To enable online races, navigate to the Multiplayer menu and activate Online mode. All displayed races will now be online versions, and when you select a map, the game will wait for others to join the race.

For matches that are suited to your skill level, look for the 'Now Playing' match on the far right of the map selection. This match will attempt to find competitors of similar skill levels to yourself.

There is also a 'Game Channel' option in the multiplayer menu. To enable private matches with your friends, enable the setting, choose a channel name, and share the channel name with your friends. The channel match will appear on the far right of the map selection, with a rotating map selection every 2 minutes. To compete against your friends, everyone must select this match at the same time, otherwise bots will fill up the spare player spots.

Will the game be released on the Mac?

Unfortunately, the game will not be available for Mac users.

Who developed the game?

Publisher: Remedy Entertainment
Developer: Cornfox & Bros. and Mountain Sheep
Graphics engine technology: Futuremark Corporation

Will there be achievements in the game?

Yes. Over 80 Steam achievements can be unlocked in the game. But the most significant achievement still probably is to unlock the cars, guns and tracks. This is above all accomplished by destroying opponents in races. In the 1996 Death Rally you bought this stuff, in the handheld Death Rallys you collected parts lying around the track. Here you collect parts again, but get them above all by blowing others to bits.

What graphical customisations will the player be able to make?

Players can adjust the game's resolution, run in full screen or windowed mode and change the graphics quality setting (Low, Medium, High, Extreme). There is a performance test after installation of the game, with default settings automatically set according to the results of the test.

During multiplayer matches, the game will switch to bot opponents if poor performance is detected. A notification is shown during the game if this happens. If you experience this issue, consider lowering your resolution or choosing a lower graphical setting.

  --  Graphics Settings

The Low setting will lock the game to 30fps and minimize all graphics quality settings. This setting was added for lower end systems and those running integrated graphics.

The Medium setting will lock the game to 60fps, providing a fully enjoyable gaming experience.

The High setting runs at 60fps, as well as enabling anti-aliasing and all standard features.

The Extreme setting adds Depth of Field and Bloom post-processing shader effects to the garage menu. However, these extra effects do not apply to races. If your system runs the garage at low frame rates, consider changing to High settings.

How will the save game system work?

The game supports 3 player profiles, all stored on the local PC.

What languages are localised in the game?


Are you going to release the mod tools?

Unfortunately Remedy is not planning to release the mod tools. The game engine has not been designed to allow for user-created maps or vehicles.


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