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Death Rally Achievments

 -- Bronze Awards --
Gain the fame level Amateur.

My First Victory
Win a race for the first time.

Beginner Driver
Finish first in a beginner difficulty race.

Backseat Driver
Gain the fame level Backseat Driver

Hunt for the Submarine
Unlock the Refinery track

Ten Kills
Acquire 10 kills

Golden Vagabond
Fully upgrade your Vagabond

Raise fame in 5 consecutive races

Sentinel Stomper
Destroy 5 Sentinels

Vagabond Wrecker
Destroy 5 Vagabond

Far End of the World
Unlock the Eureka track

Small Timer
Gain the fame level Small Timer

Easy Driver
Finish first in an easy difficulty race

Shortest Fuse
Get destroyed during the first lap of a race

Steady Racer
Gain the fame level Steady Racer

Not a Scratch
Finish a race with 100% condition

Barrel Roller
Hit 50 barrels with your car

Lost Cargo
Unlock the Rift track to earn this achievement

Not a Mullet but a Bullet
Destroy Mr. Emerson

Stop the Press
Destroy Brian C. to earn this achievement.

Slow News Day
Destroy Mike Schramm

Pit Fighter
Fain the fame level Pit Fighter

Dervish Demolisher
Destroy 15 Dervishes

Allergic to Lead
Destroy Barry Wheeler

Destroy Canadian
Destroy Basil Ouellet

Halfway There
Complete the first half of the game

Golden Shrieker
Fully upgrade your Shrieker

Golden Dervish
Fully upgrade your Dervish

Golden Sentinel
Fully upgrade your Sentinel

Shrieker Scrapper
Destroy 15 Shriekers

Golden Gatling Gun
Fully upgrade your Gatling Gun

Golden Shotgun
Fully upgrade your Shotgun

Golden Sniper
Fully upgrade your Sniper

-- Silver Award --

Shooting Star
Raise fame in 10 consecutive races

Medium Driver
Finish first in a medium difficulty race

Road Warrior
Gain the fame level Road Warrior

Hundred Kills
Acquire 100 kills

Gain the fame level Captain

Grim Reaper
Destroy all your opponents in a race

Destroy Dane
Destroy Gustav Madsen

Destroy American
Destroy Marley Harris

Survive the Survivalist
Destroy John Gore

Flatout Challenger
Gain the fame level Flatout Challenger

Golden Wraith
Fully upgrade your Wraith

Golden Deliverator
Fully upgrade your Deliverator

Hard Driver
Finish first in a hard difficulty race

Destroy Australian
Destroy Randy Wreck

Destroy 15 Wraith

Gain the fame level Kingslayer

Destroy Algerian
Destroy Faridah Ambrine

Silence the Journalist
Destroy Geoff K.

Almost There
Complete the majority of the game

Scrap Metal
Destroy Irvin Ford

Destroy Malaysian
Destroy Ju Qiu Dai

Spectrum of Pain
Destroy an enemy using every weapon type.

Deliverator Destroyer
Destroy 25 Deliverators

Interceptor Slayer
Destroy 25 Interceptors

Force of Nature
Gain the fame level Force of Nature.

Golden Flamer
Fully upgrade your Flamethrower

Mr. Nurmi Award
Drive a Marathon challenge to earn this achievement

Gasoline in Your Vain
Win 100 Multiplayer Races.

-- Gold Award --

Sad Day for Donuts
Destroy Tex Harris

Destroy Cuban
Destroy Forunato Valdes

Extreme Driver
Finish first in an extreme difficulty race

Golden Interceptor
Fully upgrade your Interceptor

Golden Bravestar
Fully upgrade your Bravestar

Golden Missile
Fully upgrade your Missile

Destroy Japanese
Destroy Takeshi Kobe

Golden Striker
Fully upgrade your Striker

Destroy Brazilian
Destroy Vicente Del Rua

King of Death Rally
Win the Adversary challenge

Destroy Belgian
Destory Lea Maes

Destroy Norweigian
Destroy Thor Haugen

Braverstar Bully
Destroy 30 Bravestars

Gain the fame level Champion

Gain the fame level King

Gain the fame level Legend

Uncrown Adversary
Destroy Adversary

The Adversary
Gain the fame level The Adversary

Armed to the Teeth
Get all the gear fully upgraded

The Death
Gain the fame level The Death

Gain the fame level God

Win 10 multiplayer races in a row

God of All Gods
Gain the game level God of All Gods

Thousand Kills
Acquire 1000 kills

The 42
Gain the fame level The 42.

Force of Creation
Gain the fame level Force of Creation


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