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Paul Serene Focus Article
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Location: Outside Riverport University, near the entrance to the science facility. There's also more banners instead if you missed them, or if you want to get Paul's feedback about them.


Paul Serene - Project Director

With a track record of extremely profitable business ventures behind him, Paul Serene joined Riverport University in 2010 to head one of the most significant physics research projects the university has ever seen. He is the youngest project director in the history of our university, and by far the most successful to date. His involvement has encouraged a flood of high profile investments that resulted in the extremely ambitious, yet-unrevealed quantum physics project referred to as Project Promenade.

In his own words:

"I'm not a scientist myself, and thus it may come as a surprise to many that I fought to obtain the position as project director development here at the university. For me it's a dream come true. Growing up my best friend was the brother of renowned quantum physicist William Joyce. I've always been fascinated by William's work, and his publications from 1997-1999 were groundbreaking for the scientific community. As a businessman I've been able to help shape a path to create practical applications for William's work by building on the foundation that he created with a  group of immensely talented physicists. That was the basis for Project Promenade, and the results have been absolutely revolutionary."

Paul Serene's favourite sports team is the Riverport Rexes. You can see him front row at every game.


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