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Operation Spectre Collectibles [USB 5/7] Recovered Catalyst Intel


Included in the File: 



Catalyst Schematic 16 Information:

CONTENT: Article 16K 0 Black List schematic of the Catalyst artifact, recovered from Black List site in Azkharzia.

NOTES: Black List believes the artifact is a supercomputer that models reality, integrating with a human brain to predict and produce images of likely future events.



Recovery Teams Comms Azkharzia Information:

CONTENT: Recording of Catalyst extraction mission ordered by Captain S. Liu.

NOTES: Post-op investigations determined no Black List involvement in artifact's disappearance. 

Duration: 00:32

Recovery Teams Comms Azkharzia Transcript:

Charlie-1: Charlie-1, reporting in. We're about to reach the Catalyst site. Over. 

Sonja Liu: Understood. Keep us in the loop.

Charlie-1: Entering now. What the hell?

Sonja Liu: What's going on, Charlie-1?

Charlie-1: It's... gone.

Sonja Liu: What do you mean, it's "gone"? The Catalyst is massive, Charlie-1. It can't just disappear. Check your GPS coordiantes. After what that thing did to Robert Cavanaugh, we can't risk it being out in the world. 


Sonja Liu: Charlie-1 respond. 

Charlie-1: The Catalyst isn't here, Command. it looks like someone took it. 


Robert Cavanaugh Interview 01 Information:

CONTENT: Interview with Major R Cavanaugh following his internment at the Black List site in Azkharzia, where he was exposed to the Catalyst. 

NOTES: Transcript of unrecorded portions not available.

Duration: 00:49

Robert Cavanaugh Interview 01 Transcript:

Sonja Liu: I need to talk to you about the visions you saw in Azkharzia. 

Robert Cavanaugh: Why? High Command doesn't believe me. They've made that clear.

Sonja Liu: General Maddox believes you.

Robert Cavanaugh: Are you one of his lackeys then?

Sonja Liu: I'm here of my own accord. In the brief time since I extracted the intel from your mind, every single thing it predicted has come true. 

Robert Cavanaugh: Then what more do you need from me? I already told you, I can't remember the details. 

Sonja Liu: I don't need details. But the intel is difficult to interpret. Do you remember anything about an apocalypse

Robert Cavanaugh: Who has access to these recordings?

Sonja Liu: All relevant staff. Why?

Robert Cavanaugh: Turn it off. This can only be heard by the top.


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