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Operation Catalyst Collectibles [Audio Logs 5/7]


Contract #8219-Azkharzia - Research log about attempting to resurrect a decades-old research program. 

Duration: 01:13


Black List Doctor: Nature knows how the universe works. Science is the race for human understanding to catch up with it. Just as a child looks at a watch and sees only the sweeping hands of time, the adult can pries open the case and learn the purpose of each piece of the mechanism within. For now, my team are the children in this puzzle. Staring at the pieces and hoping to gain an insight into their purpose. 

My team are all I could hope for. The level of funding for equipment is... little short of miraculous. But the results... 

The first issue is even trying to understand what we're being asked to do. Resurrect a research program that yielded precious little tangible data. Most of which has been lost. In a field that mainstream science regards as fanciful, if not ridiculous. And yet, were we to achieve the things they ask of us, we could open up new horizons. Perhaps even take an evolutionary step. And so we do it, come what may. 


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