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Operation Catalyst Collectibles [Audio Logs 3/7]


Talk show discussing Black List's presence in Azkharzia. 

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Dr. Pete: Hello Azkharzia! It's me, Dr. Pete, taking over the airwaves again, speaking truth to power, or some such horseshit. Now, I've been looking at conflicts like this all over the world for three decades, and let me tell you, this one rates high on my "nuke the site from orbit"-o-meter. UN intervention, foreign aid, attempts to mediate -- ain't none of that worth a wet fart out of a dead pigeon. This place is too small, too out of ht way, and too poor for anyone to really give a shit. 

Sometimes they take six months off from fighting, then they get right back to it once everybody's good and rested. So with all that in mind, let's talk about Black List -- because what the shit is a multinational private military contractor doing here? They're not advertising it, but here they are. And from what I can tell, Black List's hiring locals. And I don't mean random unemployed peasants, I mean the sort of people who bring their own AK into the mix. Now, I'm sure they've got some badasses in the crowd, but those aren't exactly the crème de la crème of recruits, are they? Pretty much useless for anything an elite outfit like Black List might be up to... except keeping folks away without attracting too much attention.

Which means the real question is... keep them away from what? You think on that a little bit, kids. You goddamn ponder. 

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