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Ground Zero Map (Poster)

Location: Jack can read the poster whilst making his way to the dry-docks. During part one, he will stumble across a conference call involving Paul Serene, the map is located on the wall nearby.

Ground Zero Map
Zone Protocol

Green Zone
You might experience minor or none Chronon Radiation Exposure (CRE) symptons. Contnous visit should not exceed 480 minutes or 8 ours. This is an operational area, zone clearance Level 4 required.

Yellow Zone
Increased density of residual chronon particules present. Company approved PPE must be worn byond this point. Report toe h supervisor and leave the area immedaitely if you experience any Type II CRE sympthons.

Red Zone
Potentially unreversable damage from CRE unless chronon envionmental suit is worn. This is an operational area, zone clearance Level 6 requrired. Personnel need to complete Exraction Protocol training squence before entering this area. If you experience any Type III CRE symtpons, contact Dr. Sofia Amaral immediately.

Opeartion PMRS: 55.724000/BM
Mon3 6-meter primary FM simplex.


Formerly "Vanguard"

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