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Location: Bright Falls Lighthouse

The lighthouse is probably one of the most iconic locations in the entire game. It was used to promote the early stages of Alan Wake at its E3 reveal back in 2005. There are several mentions of a lighthouse, but it's appearance in the games is more symbolic than it appearing as a physical location. Although it's physical location, within the game, is at Rain Cove Point, however Alan never visits it except in the inital nightmare.

It was first shown at the start of the game in the Nightmare scene as the player's destination. At the end of the nightmare, Alan reaches the lighthouse where the Dark Presence finds him. Although the lighthouse isn't mentioned again for the rest of the original full game, it is a main feature of the second DLC; The Writer.

In the Writer, the lighthouse is again used a symbolism. It represents clarity, and a clear destination, whereas the light can be used to protect it from the Dark Presence. At the start, Thomas Zane reveals the location and stated that it's "appropriate". At the end, the beams of light are used as an incredibly useful tool which immediately destroys the Taken without the need to fire a single shot. If you managed to not use your weapon on your way to the lighthouse you are rewarded with the achievement; "Go Gentle Into That Good Light" for 25G. Unlike in the original game, the player can enter and walk around the lighthouse. As the player reaches the top of the lighthouse, Alan's mind transforms the area into Diver's Isle.

Alan Wake:
1 Coffee Thermos

DLC Special: The Writer (immediate vicinity):
1 Night Springs Game

 Character Comments or Manuscript References:

  • ALAN - Alan Wake Episode One: Nightmare
    Following a typical nightmare pattern, I was late, desperately trying to reach my destination -- a lighthouse -- for some urgent reason, I couldn't remember. I'd been driving too fast down a coastal road to get there.
  • ALAN - (in DLC Special: The Writer)
    The Lighthouse?

    It's very appropriate. I can help you reach it.


    The lighthouse from Alan Wake was inspired by North Head Lighthouse in Ilwako (Washington) which marks the north entrance to the Columbia River.

    North Head Lighthouse is situated approximately two miles away from Cape Disappointment Lighthouse (the initial lighthouse). Sailors complained at the limited warning given by the first lighthouse which led to the second being formed 42 years after.

    It was created in 1898, stands at 65 feet tall and is 194 feet above sea level. The tower is constructed from brick masonry with a cement plaster overlay built on a foundation of sandstone. There are 69 steps leading to the lantern room

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