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Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show / Episode Five
[Bobby Radford, Hardline]

In Quantum Break, radio shows are used to inform the player of events taking place around Riverport. The commentary reflects the decisions you make throughout the game and adds a new level of realism to the experience. Below is a transcript of an example of a radio show with Bobby Radford that the player may discover throughout the game. 

Transcript: Good evening folks! This is your pal, Bobby Radford, and you better believe I'm still hopping mad about what went down at the university last night. I've got nothing new on that. I'm getting stonewalled.

So let me take another approach. You know how Monarch took over the old drydocks, what... five, six years back? Just boarded it all up and set up some kind of industrial operation there or something? Well, it turns out, they had a freak accident there this morning. One of those unfinished ships came crashing down. You probably heard all about it. It was pretty spectacular!

You'd think there would be some explanation for what had to be a multi-million dollar disaster, but which multi-national corporation has no comment on that little event either? Now, I don't know about you folks, but this seems to me, all of a sudden a lot of weird stuff going down and Monarch's name just keeps coming up.

So what is Monarch doing about it? It's business as usual for them! In fact, they're throwing a party at their fancy mansion on Gull Island. But from what I hear, it's going to be a hell of a bash, but of course it's off limits to anybody who isn't a part of their clique.

God, it seems to me these guys bought out Riverport, and now they're getting drunk while the city burns. But I'm sure they've got our best interests at mind, huh?!

Duration: 01:27:00 [M:S:MS]

Location: [Act 3, Part 1 / Hardline Choice]


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