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Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show / Episode Twelve
[Bobby Radford]

In Quantum Break, radio shows are used to inform the player of events taking place around Riverport. The commentary reflects the decisions you make throughout the game and adds a new level of realism to the experience. Below is a transcript of an example of a radio show with Bobby Radford that the player may discover throughout the game. 

Transcript: Hey night owls! It's your boy, Bobby. Listen, if anybody's at the protest at the Riverport University, I'd sure love to hear from you. I'm hearing some pretty disturbing things so give me a call here at the studio.

I think we could all use a first hand account of what's going down. I've- er... actually tried to call some people I know down there, but my calls don't actually seem to be getting through.

Anyway, our lines are open. We'll be right back!

Duration: 00:29:83 [M:S:MS]

Location: [Act 5, Part 3]


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