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Death Rally 2011 Eureka Map

The Eureka circuit is certainly one of the most memorable tracks in the game. While many of Death Rally's maps take place in industrial areas, this circuit is the only one that takes place on snow. It's also a great beginner level due to its wide track and swooping corners.

Number of Turns: 8
Number of Bridges: 0
Main Advantage: wide track, perfect for overtaking.
Main Disadvantage: several tight corners near the end which force the player to drift. If the corner is miscalculated, the car can easily steer out of control  

 - Shoot as many crates as possible on the first two laps. The crates are located around swooping corners where obtaining ammo or boosts can increase your chances of overtaking.

 - Conserve your ammo until the final few corners; the cars will be closer together then and you're more likely to hit a greater number of cars.


(The orange circles on the map indicates supply hotspots.)


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