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Return 2: The Heart (Cult Notebook, Activities Around The General Store)

When you enter the Bright Falls General Store, there are a few things that you want to check out; the shotgun secured with a number combination, the tattooed heart (for obvious tattooed heart-related rituals), and the notebook located in the side laundromat. It's easy to miss on your first playthrough, so take a moment to search around the inside of the store. 

The notebook contains daily writings on activities in the area around the Bright Falls General Store. Likely kept by a member of the Cult of the Tree who had taken residence in the abandoned shop.


Monday 9/3
Some suspicious activity spotted. The fielder thought he saw movement in the bushes. Footprints around the area were found, but some were compromised by the fielder. Note to self: Train the fielder. 

Tuesday 9/4
Nothing to report. Some animals. Regular. 

Wednesday 9/5
Hunters out after dark. Poachers? Heard some gunshots. Not one of ours. Gotta keep an eye on these people. They could get more than they bargained for out there. 


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