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Temple of Temple

Release Date: 21st March 2012
Release Date for Bonus Edition: 20th July 2012

Publisher: Insomniac
Publisher for Bonus Edition and Singles: Remote Music

Singles: Cradled in Love,  Kamikaze Love, The Lie Eternal

Poets of the Fall's fifth album (or sixth if you're counting Alchemy Vol.1), Temple of Thought, was released in early 2012 with a bonus edition released in the Summer of that year. Marko stated in an interview with Yagaloo that the band saw their albums in trilogies; Temple of Thought accompanying Signs of Life and Carnival of Rust. Remote Music released two singles, Kamikaze Love and The Lie Eternal, with a radio edit and instrumental version. In July a special edition of the album was released in Germany. Included in the bonus edition is an additional three songs; Signs of Life, Skin (acoustic) and Temple of Thought (acoustic).

Song List
1. Running Out of Time
2. Temple of Thought
3. Cradled in Love
4. Kamikaze Love
5. The Lie Eternal
6. Skin
7. The Distance
8. Show Me This Life
9. Morning Tide
10. The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper
12. The Happy Song

Bonus Edition Song List
(+ plus songs)
1. Temple of Thought (Unplugged Studio Version)
2. Skin (Unplugged Studio Version)
3. Signs of Life


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