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Return 1: Invitation (Elderwood Palace Lodge Sign)

Saga can learn more about the town after returning to the centre of Bright Falls. Parking outside her hotel, she can check out a sign by the front door detailing the lodge's history. 

Text: The Historic Elderwood Palace Lodge of Bright Falls. 

This building was constructed as part of one of the early settlements in the greater Bright Falls area. Built in 1898, the building has been both in private and public use through the years and has bravely stood the test of time. In 2015, it was carefully taken apart and relocated here in downtown Bright Falls where it was re-built into its original glory log by log. The Elderwood Palce Lodge re-opened in Bright Falls in 2016 and has served its customers faithfully ever since. 

Property of the Bright Falls Historical Society. 


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