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31st May 2012
Good Luck Pete

As some of you may know, it is Pete's last day working as the Community Manager for Remedy. After 3 years of working officially with the developers and 4 years before that unofficially, he's decided to move  on, travel to Germany and work on-site at a games company there.

He's a wonderful community manager who has done awesome work over the past years. And Pete, in the chance that you might read this; I wanted to take time to say thank you for everything including helping me with this site. It means a lot to me :) Best of luck for the future.


Thanks a bunch, Jaden. It's been my pleasure to help you out here as much as I could (I even made sure the interview we were working on was in motion as one of the last things I did at RMD ;)).

You do an amazing job here so keep up with it all as I'll need to get my fix of Wake news now I won't be working there :p

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