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Alan Wake 12th Anniversary Update

For the anniversary, Vida Starčević sat down with Sam Lake, Ilkka Villi, and Matthew Porretta to talk Alan Wake 2, the TV series, and Nintendo Switch.

Community Spotlight: Sarah

For our first Community Spotlight of 2022, we're returning to the Federal Bureau of Control with a look back at Sarah's breathtaking portfolio.

Poets of the Fall Releases Ghostlight

Ahead of the album's launch, Marko Saaresto described the album as "all about dramatic melodic rock and massive, impressive ballads."

Community Interview w. Vida Starčević

To celebrate The Sudden Stop turning ten, we recently interviewed Remedy's Community Manager, passing along questions we received from fellow fans.

Max Payne Remaster In Development

In April, Remedy revealed a new agreement with Rockstar Games, which sees the original studio develop a remaster of both Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

Alan Wake II Revealed!

Ten years after his debut adventure, Alan Wake is officially returning in Alan Wake 2!

Remedy To Open Second Studio In Stockholm

Coinciding with the Q3 2021 Financial Report, today Remedy announced that they will be establishing a new studio in neighbouring Stockholm in 2022.

An Open Letter from Sam Lake / Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake Remastered is coming! Read Sam Lake's open letter announcing the new game, his passion for Wake's debut adventure, and release details.

Our Conversation with Matthew Porretta, the Voice of Alan Wake

To celebrate the game's 10th anniversary, we sat down with Matthew Porretta, the incredible voice actor behind Alan Wake, to talk about his experiences and memories.

Behind the Scenes of Poets of the Fall's War Music Video

To celebrate 15 years of Poets of the Fall, we spoke to Director, Akseli Tuomivaara, about creating the Alan Wake-inspired music video, War. [Photo by Tiia Öhman].

Interviews and Conversations with....

Over the past eight years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing devs and actors inc. Cam Rogers, Kathy Tong, Fred Berman, Ilkka Villi, and Christopher Forsyth.

23rd June 2022
The Steam Summer Sale Has Begun!
[Discounts Across All Remedy Games On Steam]

Prepare your wallets, the Steam Summer Sale has begun with discounts across thousands of titles. The sale is due to run until July 7th at 10am Pacific, so there's plenty of time to discover new favourite stories. Discounted Remedy titles include...

Max Payne (-65%)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (-70%)
Max Payne Classic Bundle (-70%)

The Max Payne Classic Bundle features both original Remedy titles.

Alan Wake (-65%)
Alan Wake Collector's Edition (-70%)
Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras (-65%)
Alan Wake's American Nightmare (-65%)

This edition of Alan Wake is the original 2012 PC release. At present, the Remastered Edition isn't available on Steam and is currently an Epic Store exclusive. The Collector's Edition Extras can be purchased separately and contains Petri Alanko's beautiful soundtrack, developer commentary, and the Alan Wake Files PDF. Both the game and the extras can also be purchased in one bundle, the Alan Wake Collector's Edition (-70%).

Death Rally 2011/12 (-70%)
Quantum Break (-75%)
Control Ultimate Edition (-70%)

In addition to the base Control game, the Control Ultimate Edition will also come with The Foundation DLC and AWE DLC packs. It will also be the most up-to-date version of the title, featuring updates such as The Expeditions mission, photo mode, Assist Mode, and the ability to replay boss fights through the arcade machines.

21st June 2022
Women In Games Charity Livestream Closes With Control
[Ukraine Red Cross & Ukraine Humanitarian Fund]

Over the weekend, Women in Games teamed up with IGDA (International Game Developers Association) for a special twenty-six-hour charity livestream, raising funds for both the Ukraine Red Cross and Ukraine Humanitarian Fund. The event was a tremendous success, collecting over £1,200 by the end of the livestream, which was split between both charities. 

While the event drew to a close on Sunday, organisers are still acceping donations for a while to come. And, if you missed the event over the weekend, there's still time to catch up with the broadcast via their Twitch channel which featured games such as MinecraftRaft, Valheim, Path to Heaven, Treasure Hunter Simulator, Dragon Age and a lot more. 

Control was selected as the game to close out the event, with Aveline Estié (soon UI Engineer at Fall Damage Studio) checking out the game for the first time. She closed out the hour-long livestream with a faceoff with Tomassi. You can watch Aveline's playthrough on the WIGJ Twitch Channel, HERE!

16th June 2022
Gaming University Talks Crossfire X in Latest Community Corner Podcast Episode (w. Matt from Hidden Machine)

We've reached that time of the year when cabin times begin and things get a little quieter in Finland. If you're looking for some interesting Remedy content to keep you going this week, make sure to check out the second episode of Gaming University's Community Corner Podcast! 

In a seventy-minute episode, Gaming University recently sat down with Matt from Hidden Machine, to talk all about Remedy's latest adventure, Crossfire X. In their in-depth discussions, they cover links to previous titles, where the story could progress, and Remedy's take on a brand new genre. It's a fascinating conversation between two of the community's best (and nerdiest!) analysts. 

You can check out the episode below or watch it directly on the Gaming University YouTube Channel.

9th June 2022
Poets of the Fall Teams Up With Larry Sandman In New Collaborative Single

If you're a Poets of the Fall fan, this might interest you! Last week, the band revealed an upcoming collaboration with Larry Sandman for his upcoming song, Upside Down. The music video is out now, featuring additional vocals and an appearance from Poets of the Fall's vocalist, Marko Saaresto.

That's not the only familiar name involved though! Directing the music video is Miika Hakala, the director behind a number of Poets of the Fall's music videos including Requiem For My Harlequin, Stay Forever, My Dark Disquiet, Dancing on Broken Glass, Moonlight Kissed, The Sweet Escape, and False Kings. The band's photographer, Tiia Öhman, was also on set providing her photographic magic! 

Larry Sandman's debut album, More Than Free, will be out on June 21st.
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