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Year In Review 2023

As we enter a new year, we look back at 2023. Last year brought us Alan Wake 2, new collaborations, Old Gods of Asgard's debut album, and a whole lot more.

Alan Wake 2's The Final Draft Now Available

The Final Draft continues the story, providing a new ending which Remedy teases will "spark speculation and theories among our dedicated fans".

The Game Awards 2023 Wrap-Up

In our wrap up of The Game Awards 2023, we reflect on the night's wins, the reveals, and the epic performance by Old Gods of Asgard.

Revisit Bright Falls on ArtStation

ArtStation has published their latest Art Blast with a collection of new artwork from the Alan Wake 2 art team, from concept art to lighting screenshots.

Remedy Redesigns Visual Identity with New Logo

As Remedy expands in Sweden and relaxes into a multi-project setup, the studio returned to its most iconic imagery as part of a brand refresh.

An Open Letter from Sam Lake / Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake Remastered is coming! Read Sam Lake's open letter announcing the new game, his passion for Wake's debut adventure, and release details.

Our Conversation with Matthew Porretta, the Voice of Alan Wake

To celebrate the game's 10th anniversary, we sat down with Matthew Porretta, the incredible voice actor behind Alan Wake, to talk about his experiences and memories.

24th February 2024
Swedish Studio Hosts New Remedy Flashbacks Session with Sam Lake

The Stockholm-based studio recently held its first Remedy Flashbacks of 2024, with Sam Lake (Creative Director) stepping into the spotlight for the latest fireside chat with Sanna Kantelinen (Senior Internal Communications Specialist) and Johannes Paloheimo (Chief Commercial Officer).

An internal event, Remedy Flashbacks provides an intimate discussion of moments from the studio's history and provides the opportunity to learn about different crafts and experiences. Back in November, the Finnish side featured a discussion with Ilkka Villi, the physical actor for Alan Wake. While the discussions are for developers only, we do know that the previous talk was recorded. 

Last year, Remedy expanded on the sessions, explaining that "we have this thing we call Remedy Flashbacks. It’s for us Remedians to huddle up and hear stories of Remedy's history and highlights from various corners of the realm of making games. These internal events are one way of building our culture and sharing knowledge from longtime Remedians." You can learn more about the previous event HERE

A group photograph of the Remedy Sweden crew.

23rd February 2024
Remedy Celebrates 50K r/AlanWake Members with Developer AMA

With over 50,000 members on the community-run Alan Wake 2 subreddit, Remedy is celebrating the milestones with a special developer AMA!

Answering your questions will be Nathalie Jankie (she/her, Mission Designer on Alan Wake 2), Marko Muikku (he/him, Gameplay Lead on Alan Wake 2) and John Crossland (he/him, Lead Character Artist on Alan Wake 2.) You may already know a little bit about Nathalie's work with her appearance in the dev diaries. 

The thread is currently accepting questions, with the session officially going live on February 27th at 5pm GMT / 7pm EET / 9am PST / 12pm EST.

Writing on the subreddit, the Remedy account posted, "Making the game has been an incredible team effort and a labour of love, and we want to thank everyone who’s been with us for the journey – whether you’ve just joined us with Alan Wake 2, or whether you’ve been a part of our community for years already. We are currently busy (SUPER SECRETLY) working on the expansions for Alan Wake 2 – Night Springs and The Lake House. As this subreddit has recently hit over 50K members, and is quickly closing in on 60K, to celebrate this milestone with you, you can ask us anything!"

Check out the full post and submit your questions HERE

AMA proof! Nathalie, Marko and John pose for the photo. Marko is holding a sign that reads: "Hello, Reddit! AMA w/ Alan Wake 2 devs. Nathalie, Marko & John. Feb 27th, 2024. r/AlanWake "

21st February 2024
Alan Wake 2 & Genelec Collaboration at Assembly Winter 2024

Assembly Winter 2024 opens its doors tomorrow at the Messukeskus in Helsinki, Finland. With its name interwoven with the Finnish demoscene, Assembly is a biannual event and the country's largest digital festival celebrating gaming, esports, digital culture and art.

If you're at the show, make sure to keep an eye out! Running for the first three days of the event, visitors will also be able to check out a demonstration of Alan Wake 2 at the Genelec booth. For the show, the Finnish audio tech company are rolling out their Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. as part of a local collaboration of their strengths.

On the programme, they describe a little about what players can expect, "What happened at Cauldron Lake 12 years ago? Solve the mystery with Saga Anderson and Alex Casey, and come visit the gaming corner at Genelec’s booth. At the same time, you’ll get to experience a new way of playing the hit game, Alan Wake 2 (by Remedy). Equipped with Genelec’s Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. gaming setup and a large screen, the gaming corner offers visitors a unique experience in the captivating world of one of today’s most popular games. Immersive sound reproduction creates a completely new gaming experience, enhanced by the large screen. Additionally, you can explore what it feels like to hear and be heard in games more accurately than ever before." You can learn more about Genelec's showcase, HERE

Assembly will run between February 22nd to 25th at Messukeskus. Entry tickets start at 20€ for one day, with prices to book a LAN table starting at 89€.

20th February 2024
Behind the Voice Interviews David Harewood, the Actor for Alan Wake 2's Mr Warlin Door

Less than a month after interviewing Ilkka Villi, the physical actor for Alan Wake, Behind the Voice is back for another Remedy-themed episode, this time with the brilliant David Harewood! In the latest adventure, David brings to life the unsettling Mr Warlin Door in Alan Wake 2, who bounces between warm to intimidating with an almost unnatural ease.

A Remedy fan at heart, Harewood talks about the last-minute casting offer, his love for Max Payne, what it was like acting on the talk show set, the mysterious nature of Mr Door, and fan theories. There are also some very sweet non-game-related discussions, including about anxiety, his love for Italy, creator's block, and his current projects. It's a packed and extensive episode, for sure, that explores so much of the actor's experiences and passions.

Hosted by Abhi Jha, the interview is an hour long, so make sure to grab some coffee before catching it below or directly through the Behind The Voice YouTube Channel, HERE


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