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1st February 2018
Terhi Kauppi Announced as Remedy's New CFO

Following Mika Reini's departure from the studio on January 19th, today Remedy announced that they have appointed a new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to take up the mantle.

Terhi Kauppi will be joining the studio as the new CFO, and bringing with him a vast background in company financial management across a number of industries. He was previously CFO at  Pontos Oy and First Hop Oy, as well as holding financial admin positions at Nokia. Kauppi is currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer at Asiakastieto Group Oyj. He will be joining Remedy on May 14th 2018. 

Until then, Niko Stark (Remedy's Senior Financial Controller) will continue to take on the responsibilities of the position until the end the transition. 


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