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  • 14th - IGN Live Preview of American Nightmare (Noon PST)
    Watch IGN play the opening scenes of American Nightmare  and the "Fight Til Dawn" mode on Valentine's Day, at their website. They are also giving away a copy of the game. To enter the competition send @IGN a question about American Nightmare on Twitter with the hashtag; #alanwake .
  • 16th - Alan Wake released on PC
    Alan Wake will be released on Steam priced at $29.99 which will contain the game and the two DLC packs. The Collectors Edition is a little bit more expensive at $34.99. For more details about the digital version, you can check out the recent press release.
  • 22nd - American Nightmare released on XBOX360
    Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be released on 22nd via XBOX LiveArcade as part of Microsoft's House Party event. The game will be priced at 1200 and feature around 5 hours of game for the standalone title. For more information, check out the press release for American Nightmare.

  • 2nd - Alan Wake Boxed PC version released
    Fans can also buy a physical copy of Alan Wake on PC on the 2nd March. There will be two versions of the game. The standard edition will contain two discs (game, DLC, and the OST),  postcards, a poster, stickers, all in premium packaging. The Limited Collectors Edition contains 3 discs (game, DLCs, OST, documentary, music videos and trailers), Alan Wake Files book, postcards, a poster, and stickers. To read more about the boxed version, check out Nordic Games' press release.
  • 21st - Poets of the Fall release new album
    Poets of the Fall have contributed to a number of Remedy's games. They created Late Goodbye for Max Payne 2, Children of the Elder God and The Poet and the Muse for Alan Wake which also featured the song War from their album Twilight Theater. They are releasing a brand new album called Temple of Thought on the 21st March. Check out the album at their site.

  • 15th - Max Payne 3 released in US (console only)
  • 18th - Max Payne 3 released in Europe (console only)
  • 29th - Max Payne 3 released in US (PC version)

  • 1st - Max Payne 3 released in Europe (PC version)

  • 15-18th - DeerFest
    Any excuse for cake!


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